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RO (Hyperfiltration) membranes

Typical applications:
  • Desalting of brackish and sea water
  • Production of ultra clean water within the electronic industry
  • Making of concentrate for juice and sugar in food industry
  • Making of concentrate for milk.

Micro filter membranes

  • Cold sterilization of beverages and medicines and drugs
  • Cell cultivation
  • Clarifying juice, vine and bear.
  • Ultra clean water within the semi-conductor industry
  • Metal recycling as colloidal oxides / hydroxides
  • Treatment of waste and sewage water.
  • Continuous fermentation.
  • Separation of oil/water emulsions

Ceramic Ultrafilter-membranes

A ceramic ultra filter membrane, consist of four layers:
  1. The ultra filter membrane layer consisting of a very thin layer of dispersed pores with a pore opening from 0,005 to 0,1 µm.
  2. A thin micro filter membrane layer of aluminumoxide with pores between 0,1 to 1,2 µm.
  3. A thin ?-aluminiumoxide intermediate layer between 1 to 2 µm.
  4. A heavy-walled ?-aluminiumoxide substructure with pores around 10 µm

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Sømsveien 170, nr 1
4638 Kristiansand S

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