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All of our gas engines produces green energy. The gas used for running them is prodused by the decomposition of the garbage and if you don't use it as fuel for either a motor or a gas supplied boiler, it would either leave the landfill as methane gas or you can burn it in a flare. When we use the gas as fuel we produce electric power and hot water. The efficiency is up to 90%.

Outside the city of Drammen in Norway, we have delivered a project producing green energy. At this plant we can produce up to 850 kW of electric power and 1000 kW of hot water. This is used for heating room and hot water for houses nearby the landfill. The amount of energy should be enough to cover the energy for up to 200 homes. As a supplement to this, we have delivered a boiler that can run on both electric power and gas as a backup system.


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Sømsveien 170, nr 1
4638 Kristiansand S

Managing Director

Bengt de Vylder Larsen


Tlf: +47 92 03 16 15
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