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ETech is in the field of waste to energy, waste, water treatment and project development. Our vision: Eliminate environmental problems, mitigate climate changes and create value by producing energy from landfills in the developing world.

In addition to supplying complex turnkey systems and service, we are involved in project development and co owners of waste to energy projects.

We develop the projects from scratch, including test pumping, feasibility and the CDM (carbon credits) application. We bring the process to a bankable project and will finance the power plant and be co owners of the green energy unit.

To be able to do this, we have put together a strong team of experienced people. All of them have between 20 and 40 years work experience including international projects. Field of expertise is ranging from the oil and gas industry, renewable energy and shipping.

We work closely together with world leading companies to access the best products and expertise, as well as large international consultancies companies. Our philosophy is to involve sub contractors, so we can focus on core technology and project development. This way we can run several large projects in the same time with a small staff of highly experienced people. Our substantional network of people, are enabling us to get the customer their preferred solution to various challenges.

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Sømsveien 170, nr 1
4638 Kristiansand S

Managing Director

Bengt de Vylder Larsen


Tlf: +47 92 03 16 15
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